Camtasia Studio 9. 0. 0-Capture, modify and share any type of video

Camtasia Facility is a popular screen capturing and documenting tool for Windows PCs.

A versatile screen recording solution

As one of the highly-regarded display screen recording programs out there, Camtasia Facility offers a flexible, friendly working environment and smooth workflow that decreases the learning curve and editing time to the minimum.

It’s actually quite easy to produce video using Camtasia Studio. Through the thorough documentation provided with the program, as well as an intuitive, three stage creation process that includes recording, then editing and producing, you can use document your progress and also find help in the event that you end up getting trapped.

In the first stage, Camtasia Studio provides you with a dedicated built-in tool to report images from your screen . The particular Camtasia Recorder features many different options to customize your recording settings: use the whole screen or a user-defined area, add cursor effects, report audio as well, and grab the source from your webcam, among others.

The second stage that involves editing starts when your recording is finished. Camtasia Facilities offers a varied range of tools to personalize your video. You can draw attention to a certain area with different callouts (including cool animated sketches), include more information with on-screen text captions or make it more eye-catching with transition effects, to name just a few. Both Clip Bin and the Library in Camtasia Business will ease the task of selecting media files to use on your movie. The audio editor, on the drawback, is a bit more limited, with just a few tools to level volume, reduce noise and optimize voice.

Finally, the production stage is last. Camtasia Studio makes it really easy, even if you’ve never used video editors before. Simply choose one of the included presets in the Production Wizard and follow the steps. Camtasia Studio will help you choose the appropriate codec, resolution, dimension and other details, and will finally provide your video. And of course, you can foreign trade directly from Camtasia Studio to YouTube and work with HD video as well.

Camtasia Studio 8 has a load of new features. Some are usually nearly invisible, fixes to bugs and other more “under the hood” tweaks. Others, such as the new capability to group and ungroup items over the timeline, will make your screen catch and recording experience a whole lot more user friendly.

Easy to add a personal touch in order to videos

Camtasia Studio has lots of added perks that give you even more methods to make your videos unique. For instance , the ability to apply visual effects to a media on the timeline, the ability to adapt Drop Shadow distance, direction, opacity, and blur, and new borders that can now be added to any press, then later adjusted to the color and thickness of your choosing.

Great for both pros and consumers

Whether you’re out to make professional screencasts or just need a tool to record videos, Camtasia Studio is a good option for just about anyone.

Download Camtasia Studio 9. 0. 0 in Softonic

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