Caffeine 1 . 1 . 1-Prevent your Mac going to sleep

The particular subtle Caffeine menu bar item is built for one thing in specific: keeping your Mac from going to sleep. It comes in handy if you want to be able to use your Mac pc whenever, without waiting for it to come out associated with sleep or hibernation or associated with putting up a screensaver.

I wouldn’t overuse Caffeine even though, because sleep and screensavers are there for a reason, that is conserving your own computer’s energy, and also making much better use of the battery. If you keep your Mac always on and active, you happen to be using more energy without providing your Mac a rest.

If you need to keep your Mac awake although, it’s very easy with Caffeine. A person activate it by clicking on the particular menu bar item. If you keep your Command key pressed at the same time certainly bring the program menu.

Caffeine keeps your Mac pc awake. Just don’t overuse it otherwise it might get edgy.

Download Caffeine one 1 . 1 in Softonic

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