Seaside Buggy Racing-High-speed fun in the sun

If you’re pining for the summer, Beach Buggy Race will give you a fix of fine sand, surf and seagull smashing.

A tried and tested racing file format

From the 3D racer that plays much like Angry Birds Go! or Sonic Racing Transformed, which themselves, of course , were heavily inspired by Super Mario Kart.

You whizz around a series of lavishly-crafted summery tracks gathering power-ups to help you finish before the rest, while dodging crabs and seagulls. There are tons of songs , power-ups , and characters to unlock.

Scavenging for game currency to be able to unlock all this stuff isn’t because an issue as it is in other games. Gems can be earned by winning races, that can be used to unlock power-ups; tickets (which you need to enter a race) can be received by gaining three stars with an event or by waiting for these to refill (which takes 30 seconds); you get coins for taking part in contests, which can be used to boost up your car; and new levels can be unlocked by beating boss characters.

So , all in all you’ll be able to keep playing for free without too much hassle, and you will have a good game experience too. Upgrade to premium and you’ll obtain infinite tickets , and a split-screen multi-player mode where you can competition your buddies.

Slip and slide

The particular controls in Beach Buggy Race are straightforward. Using the tilt controls you can steer your kart around the monitor. Apply the brakes by going the screen. Drive through a power-up symbol and you’ll collect a accidental item, which you can then use simply by tapping the icon on the right of the screen. Each character offers its own ‘ special move’ which is activated simply by an icon to the left of the display screen.

Mastering the controls is harder than it appears, though. Prepare to slide away from a lot on bends and fall off bridges and cliffs since the kart wobbles around a lot. Obstructions and weapons are hard to prevent, too, so you’ll need a lot of exercise to get good.

Bugged out

The overall demonstration of Beach Buggy Racing is excellent. The crazy characters are well conceived plus it really feels like each has its personality. Backgrounds are lavishly designed plus varied, and the bouncy surf soundtrack fits nicely with the cheery theme of the game.

There are some periodic issues with lag in Beach Buggy Racing. It’s not enough to totally mess up the game but it does get annoying.

Sizzling summer enjoyable

Beach Buggy Racing is a fun racing game for all the family to enjoy. It’s a shame there’s no multiplayer in the free version, but there’s still plenty of thrills and spills to be had without having to pay a dime.

Download Beach Buggy Racing in Softonic

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