Battleground Hardline-Away from war, it’s down to Miami

Battlefield Hardline is an attempt to get away from war and fight crime in the city of Miami. Developed by Visceral Games , known for Dead Space, Hardline is pushing a better story with deeper characters not really seen before.

New destination, same gameplay

Instead of going abroad again, Battlefield Hardline takes place in Miami, Florida. This new setting shows off new locations not noticed before. With a narrative that performs out like a mini-series , Hardline creates characters which have depth. This is helped by a ensemble of recognizable actors who perform the various main characters. Over ten episodes, you live as Nicholas Mendoza, Miami Police detective. Each episode varies in length, but the overall really feel of the single player campaign is much more cohesive than previous Battlefield titles.

The multiplayer also got a big change. Rather than the massive sixty four versus 64 of Battlefield four, Hardline has new modes like Heists , Hotwire , and Blood Money . These types of matches feature smaller groups of groups with different objectives like robbing the bank, stealing cars, or collecting money. There is nevertheless a conquest mode , yet has much smaller teams and team deathmatch. Conquest and team deathmatch have much smaller maps than Battleground 4, leading to a lot more close quarter battles.

Slightly different, but still the same

One of the big single player elements is the abilty to arrest enemies . There is a leveling system that unlocks new weapon attachments. Mendoza also offers a scanner that can find proof throughout the campaign that unlocks brand new weapons. This also means that in the single player campaign, you don’t have access to grenades at any point. It’s possible to unlock new weaponry by picking them up, however the best ones are found through selecting evidence. Battlefield Hardlines’ story is good . Some shows are stronger or weaker than others and it takes a few shows before the game really ramps up. The end is open, leaving space for a sequel.

The particular changes to multiplayer with brand new modes make it more team-based than before. Heists are a cops versus unlawful mode where cops are trying to secure two vaults and criminals are attempting to steal the packages and deliver them to a drop point. Additional new modes like Hotwire is usually fun, but a little unbalanced. Every team has to get different vehicles and then drive as fast as possible. If you don’t have a car, then it can get a little boring. The classic conquest and deathmatch modes continue to be available and provide a decent break.

The leveling system is various because you earn money plus experience . Money is used to buy new class-specific weapons. Cops plus criminals each have different weaponry. Weapon upgrades are based away from kills so unlocking attachments need different limits. Gadgets like grenades or grappling hooks have to be purchased. The good thing is that once you buy something, it’s open for all the different lessons.

The same first individual shooter problems exist in Hardline. Spawn point campers, weapon unbalance, and annoying hit detection most of exist, The different maps allow for plenty of exploits too. Multiplayer is fun when people are working together, but frustrating when other players are in this to kill instead of completing objectives.

A good Battlefield tangent

Battleground Hardline is a good game. It concentrates a lot of a fun single player advertising campaign and changes the multiplayer to include more variety. Not everything is successful, but the overall game is strong. You will need to spend a lot of time in multi-player to get a handle on the different modes, but it gets fun with the correct players. If anything, Hardline shows that even with the series brand, it could go in different directions and still think that a Battlefield game.

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