Babylon 10. 5. 0. 11-A total dictionary, translation and reference tool

Babylon is really a complete dictionary and translation answer, perfect for anyone who frequently works with several languages.

Babylon works from various aspects. The main user interface is a translation window. From here you can access all the program features, along with the configuration options. There is also a floating module which will appear when you ask Babylon for the translation. The whole module can be impaired if you want.

No matter which choice you use, Babylon provides access to a standard multi-lingual dictionary (to which you can add an unlimited number of additional dictionaries), a text/document translation feature , a unit converter , web search and, naturally , access to Babylon’s paid translation services.

You can also use Babylon inside applications and online as an on-the-spot translation tool. You can configure the particular feature in the options area, but the default hotkey is Ctrl+right click. This will allow you to translate whatever phrase you happen to be hovering over or have outlined.

In all, Babylon is a very complete tool for language lovers. The translations are accurate (in the context of machine translation) and system-wide integration means that body fat have to wonder about a word once again, no matter what you are working on.

If you have to work with foreign dialects on a regular basis, Babylon is a comprehensive, well-integrated tool for the job.

Download Babylon 10. 5. 0. 11 within Softonic

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