Avira Antivirus Pro-A solid and easy-to-use antivirus package

Avira AntiVir Premium is a professional anti-virus package that provides the latest in protection technology.

Just about every major threat to your PC’s system is covered by the program. This consists of viruses and malware, worms, Trojans, adware, Spyware, and phishing. Avira AntiVir features real-time, on-access

scanning so you can be sure you are protected 24 hours a day. There are also manual options for complete system scans and it automatically will keep its virus database updated with all the latest potential threats.

Avira AntiVir’s interface is pretty ordinary although similar in style to another antivirus program, Avast. An easily accessible POP3-based MailScanner is also available for Avira AntiVir users. It scans emails prior to they are stored on your machine. The simple interface highlights what’s missing — parental controls, game mode, firewall and antispam filters.

Avira AntiVir is extremely easy to get around and read and doesn’t leave you wondering whether it’s in scan mode, updated, or ready to go. Everything can be laid out plainly and simply, something newbie users will undoubtedly appreciate. Avira AntiVir also has some humorously named status windows, such as Luke Filewalker, which usually give this tool a bit more personality than most other antivirus programs.

Avira AntiVir is one really solid anti-virus suite that runs so well you’ll hardly notice it. It’s easy to use for beginners, but does lack some tools we like to see in security rooms .

Download Avira Antivirus Pro in Softonic

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