Avast Free Antivirus 2016. 12. 1 . 2272-One of the best antiviruses for Home windows

Connoisseurs of free antivirus solutions will already know of Avast Free Antivirus 2016 and have probably installed it at some point or another. This software is one of the leaders in the field, providing a powerful suite of defences against infections and malware , as well as various other useful tools that you might not expect. Better still, Avast is one of the less invasive antivirus programs- perhaps less therefore in recent years, but still a lot less system-hogging than the big two.

Packed with features

A big plus point for Avast Free Antivirus 2016 is its suite of features. Although these functions have caused its install size to increase (up to 2GB hard disk space is recommended! ), this shouldn’t prove an issue for most modern hard drives and you do get a lot of tools for free.

Aside from the standard antivirus scanning, which is kept razor-sharp with constant updates, the latest edition of Avast has home network security which detects vulnerabilities for all products connected to your network.

The latest version, the ‘Nitro’ upgrade, also adds a dedicated Avast internet browser called SafeZone . Heralded as the world’s safest internet browser, this could equally be argued as bloatware and a great free feature. For those who are security conscious, especially concerning banking, it should be seen as beneficial. The particular in-built ad blocker can be a godsend when visiting certain sites. Another new feature is CyberCapture , which quarantines any suspicious incoming files. Victims associated with viruses will know the importance of this buffer.

A simple and effective interface

Avast has changed a few times over the years as well as the Nitro update is no different, but thankfully their design approach seems to have continued to be constant. The program is simple and straightforward to use, with bold buttons and obvious text in friendly colours.

Avast Free Antivirus 2016 will sit in the system tray until needed, like most antivirus software, then expand when opened in to a small borderless window that looks sleek matching the Windows 10 design scheme. Most sections of this are easy enough to follow, with a large set of buttons for the tools and standard icons like a cog for accessing settings.

Of course , you’re also never far from a premium upgrade button, encouraging you to download and pay for Avast Premier . Nevertheless , this is not forced upon you.

Each of the main features of Avast has its own section, such as internet security , the SafeZone browser and Smart Scan , so you really can’t go wrong.

The best things in life are free

For a totally free program, Avast is pretty impressive. Indeed, it has lost some of its indie feel as the years have gone by, but that’s a small price for a great bit of free software. Avast Free Antivirus 2016 can interfere with your everyday browsing less than the larger names in software. It’s very simple to use, therefore remains one of the top free solutions .

Download Avast Free Antivirus 2016. twelve. 1 . 2272 in Softonic

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