Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 4. 0. 0-An easy way to create a slideshow

Along with Ashampoo Slideshow Facilities HD , anybody can create a video summary in no time, and with little video editing skills. It’s the perfect tool for newbies!

Choose your favorite pictures

To create a slideshow in 5 minutes, you only need to drag your photos in to Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD. Then, you can choose a theme that will edit the images automatically.

If you want to personalize the slideshow, the creative options are limited, but you’ll still be able to import pictures, add text or captions to pictures, as well as add background music, transition effects, a generic start plus end display, and on version 3 and above, the ability to record your voice and add it for your project.

By default, Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD inserts arbitrary effects between each image, yet thanks to the many options available, you can modify them and choose your preferred results.

The final slideshow might not be spectacular, but it’ll definitely end up being eye-catching. You can then export or copy the file onto a COMPACT DISC and even choose between a small file or even an HD movie. It facilitates all the important formats: MPEG, MPEG 2 and MPEG-4; AVI meant for YouTube; or DVD or Blu-ray to play the slideshow on a TV screen. With Ashampoo Slideshow Facilities HD, you can also create a file that you can export to Facebook.

An intuitive interface

The program is easy to make use of, like all of Ashampoo’s software. The particular settings of the available effects, like duration and repetition, are very user-friendly, and editing is very easy due to timeline that lets you preview building in a glance and check the different elements that you’ve added to your video summary before the final export.

Editing for beginners

The only complaints we have are usually regarding the quality of the theme designs, logos, subtitles and music effects, which don’t fulfill expectations. Numerous look somewhat kitsch and we do not think they’re as nice as they could be.

In summary, we recommend Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD for newbies who are looking for an easy program to assist them create a video slideshow along with background music.

Download Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HIGH DEFINITION 4. 0. 0 in Softonic

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