ArchiCAD Educational 19-The CAD for creative architects and designers

ArchiCAD is a CAD program for construction information modeling , which offers a lot more flexibility and freedom to people regarding to its competition.

Nevertheless, its main talents are, at the same time, its weakness: companies tend to prefer more universal applications like AutoCAD . Therefore , ArchiCAD becomes a highly recommended alternative for a very specific sector: the entrepreneurs.

Design Buildings on your own or in company

ArchiCAD allows you to construct buildings within 2D and 3D , imagine designs… Its functions are targeted at architects, designers and planners.

If you’re only interested in specialized design, you rely on 2D CAD tools, which myriad of options and possibilities guarantees a precise and detailed finish . In the other spectrum side, a person count with a 3D modeling interface to create buildings with various shapes and features. The Shell function, just for three-dimensional jobs, has ArchiCAD’s independence flagship; with shell you can produce membranes from the parameter you’re curious on.

Would you like to see how your building will look like once constructed? Then you’ll be interested in a novelty from ArchiCAD 18, the last version: it’s regarding CineRender 14, its architectonic rendering and visualization software. It requires the high performance , however in exchange offers photo-realistic image plus videos from your creations. The result provides a lot of elements to account: shadows, light distribution, the realistic reflexes and a better presentation of the material’s surface.

ArchiCAD can also be a tool thought for teamwork. For instance , its document management function, is actually a central storage for many partners to be able to entry the same tools or design modifications from different access points.

BMI (Building Information Modeling), a kind of 3D modeling software , keeps being the truly great strength regarding group works. This function allows totally open function flows. The access to projects is usually fast and intuitive and enables many users to work at the same time within a design without disrupting other’s progress. BIM it’s a differentiator point from ArchiCAD over AutoCAD.

There are several ArchiCAD versions available. The educational versions serves as a studying tool for architecture schools or other academic institutions. The commercial edition is aimed to the professional world.

A lot of options in an intuitive environment.

Each ArchiCAD’s brand new version takes a further step towards the programs goal: guarantee design independence with the fewer possible technical obstacles. For instance, ArchiCAD 18, the last program’s version, optimizes the tools and functions in order to guarantee a creative flow without any being interrupted. At a practical level, the interface visualization has improved to ease the exploration of the tools without you getting eliminate on the way.

The visual images engine CineRender 14, another uniqueness in ArchiCAD 18, it’s much more intuitive than Lightworks, the previous engine. Rendering can be done virtually with 1 click, and its process it’s exactly like the auto correction one in photo cameras . From the perfect option for beginner users that need professional finish but not yet control all the available parameters.

The program knows how to optimize your PC’s configuration . For example , the various processes from ArchiCAD that require time, can be done without any background issues, while you perform other tasks on your PC, as long as your computer is powerful. In this sense, ArchiCAD is only suitable for the 64-bit Windows version.

BIM keeps improving to prevent you from technical contingencies. BIM it’s prepared to apply any change as fast as possible while prevents that a modification in one sector unpredictably alters the rest of the project. This way, BIM allows you to show different versions of the same project without a having any specialized issues .

ArchiCAD, the alternative for entrepreneurs.

ArchiCAD is usually flexible. Has enough options to allow you to design the building that you have in mind, in 2D or 3D. Its interface, user-friendly and easy to use, it is at the company of this amalgam of possibilities.

But here, ArchiCAD’s main problem: there are so many ways for using this system that, as a result, it lacks regular procedures that most users harness. Minus a unitary use philosophy, businesses prefer other CAD programs like the popular AutoCAD: more restrictive but , simultaneously, more universal.

Consequently, ArchiCAD is suitable for freelance designers and architects (in other words: entrepreneurs) or for small companies that just started and want to give a chance to this program.

Download ArchiCAD Educational 19 in Softonic

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