AppDelete 4. 1 . 6-Thorough application elimination and deletion tool

When you drag an application towards the Trash, it doesn’t necessarily remove most associated files. AppDelete ensures that apps are completely removed from your Mac.

A number of developers have acquired on the issue of incomplete app removals (it’s odd that Apple hasn’t) and created applications that will fully delete all files keep company with a program. AppDelete is such an app and a very good one at that too. Once AppDelete is installed, all you require to do is drag the program you need to remove onto its icon. On the other hand, you can selects Applications in the top right corner and AppDelete will disclose a list of Applications installed on your system. The search is very quick and requires just a few seconds.

Immediately, AppDelete will reveal the associated files that need deleting with the applications. They are normally receipts and library choice files. You can uncheck the ones you need to keep in the AppDelete window or remove them all. AppDelete also lets you keep a log of everything you are removing. Its a good idea to save this file as you can use it intended for future reference in case of system issues and it turns out you’ve accidentally deleted an important file. There is an Undo feature within AppDelete too but it seems this only rolls back the last modify that you made, not successive types before that.

My personal favorite feature in AppDelete was Orphans . Orphans looks for files that are not associated with any kind of applications anymore and have probably already been left behind. I discovered a huge number of files using this that AppCleaner had obviously left behind. The only criticism I have is that there is no way to Select All which, should you be dealing with hundreds of files left behind, requires a long time to select them all. Cleaning although takes a matter of seconds.

Note that this trial is limited to a few uses after which you have to pay to upgrade to the full version. Nevertheless , even if you don’t choose to use it regularly, its very useful for removing orphan files as this can be done within the trial limit. Many users also record the developer is extremely helpful plus responsive in case of problems.

AppDelete does a great work of removing files left behind when applications uninstall but beware that you may experience some problems with it when you restart your Mac.

Download AppDelete 4. one 6 in Softonic

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