Apowersoft Screen Recorder 1 . 4. 0-Schedule screen recordings

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is definitely video capture software that will allow you to report your computer’s screen or sound. With only a few simple tools you can decide which parts of your computer are taken and converted. Apowersoft Free Display Recorder is a great piece of software for screencasts, screenshots, and audio.


With Apowersoft Screen Recorder you can record your desktop, take screenshots, or record audio. With the screen record option you can select from recording the entire screen, particular regions , focus around the computer mouse, or take web cam input. For audio you can pick in order to record desktop sounds, speak through your microphone, or combine both. Default formats for video is WMV FILES, and for audio MP3, OGG, WMA, or WAV can be selected.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder may also set up tasks that automatically record for you personally. You may schedule a certain time of day, the particular duration of your recording or particular stop date, and if you are recording video (including regions) or sound. You can also set if your computer shutdowns automatically after Apowersoft Free Display Recorder finishes.


Apowersoft Screen Recorder has a very basic yet intuitive design. When the app is first opened and no files are in the output folder the file window will be hidden. After your first recording this particular window will expand , causing Apowersoft Free Display Recorder to become larger in size. Every button has a simple drop down menus to adjust settings. There are rarely any detailed settings windows, except when scheduling tasks. One annoying aspect of Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder’s URINARY INCONTINENCE are false buttons that you might expect to open new options and selections. Instead these are just fancy links to Apowersoft’s website placed in deceitful locations.

If you choose region recording, an overlay will cover the screen, allowing you drag the desired rectangle sized space. If you’re unhappy with the rectangle size you can move it around, adjust -pixel width and height, or select a preset from a drop down menu. Before recordings you can set up a countdown to prepare your screen, as well as audio beeps when a recording starts and halts.


Apowersoft Screen Recorder has a very minimal appearance, sometimes you may forget it is even open up. When not recording it simply looks like a black and off-white pub. The miniature design works well while you rarely want a large abrasive URINARY INCONTINENCE while recording. You can also choose to hide most all of Apowersoft Free Display Recorder’s toolbars to further increase the stealth.

Apowersoft Display Recorder doesn’t cause any obvious slow down while it records, allowing you the smooth capture program as you open other programs and web pages. Quality associated with finished recordings is generally high and files are compressed to lower sizes. There can be visual problems while using the area around mouse option, yet only if you select a resolution under 640×480.


Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a great way to capture your screen for screencasts and audio. It only supports WMVs, but the high quality of recordings is good with compact file sizes. Apowersoft Free Display Recorder can set up captures with specific dates and automate shut downs, making handy for everyday recording. Just remember that several buttons are links and not options.

Download Apowersoft Display Recorder 1 . 4. 0 within Softonic

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