Anomaly 2-Fight aliens in this tower offense game

Anomaly 2 is a ' tower' offense video game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by aliens. In this video game, your mission is to take control of the convoy of special units plus destroy a sequence associated with aliens .

Boot out the aliens through Earth!

Aliens have invaded the human competition, the ice age has returned, and humans are waging the merciless war against the invaders–   that' s more or less the scenario that awaits you in Anomaly 2 . In a well-stocked  solitary player campaign that  offers  alternative endings, you have to launch attacks against heavily armed aliens. At your disposal are  shock troops to assist you in your crusade, including robots that may transform whenever you want. A number of items and attacks are also available to assist you to manage your army in fight. Anomaly 2 also features a multi-player mode where you have the opportunity to contend against other players. This setting sees ' tower offense'   clash against ' tower defense'   on 5 different maps. Sadly, the multiplayer mode was lacking in players whenever we  tested it.

It all depends upon tactics

Unlike in ' tower defense', during  which you must strategically location your enemies to counter-attack, the most obvious goal of Anomaly 2 is to launch an intrusion against the aliens . Before the begin of each mission, you must view the map level and set the route your military has  to take. Your convoy then moves as if it' s on a railway track, and  you must devise tactics and manage your troops so that you  expel the aliens. On your way, you can collect objects that help you repair your  battle equipment, one example is. Others act as ' power-ups' to help you attack enemies with more power plus efficiency. Four amounts of difficulty are available, including a hardcore mode that will attract gamers looking for a challenge.

Great visuals

Graphically speaking, Anomaly 2 is quite addicting with its cinematic animations that are of an excellent quality . It' s also the biggest and best feature of this game, so a  powerful device is  highly recommended and also necessary in order to take full advantage of Anomaly two gameplay.

A good tower offense

Once you' ve chosen the route your troops will take, you can' t change it out. As a result,   Anomaly 2 will be presented as a game of reflexes and speed in which you' ll do well if you  react quickly and choose the right methods to fight your enemies. You' ll enjoy the the  number of tactical combinations   that Anomaly 2 offers to  offer, as well as the excellent high quality graphics  and the well-equipped  single player campaign.

Download Anomaly 2 in Softonic

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