Solely in the Dark: The Trilogy 1 + 2 + 3-The “father” from the survival horror

Alone in the Dark is a head in the gaming world as it is regarded as the first game that popularized the survival horror genre , setting the stage designed for series like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Not only that, but – despite its age – the trilogy remains scary to this day.

Entering the house of terror

Solely in the Dark: The Trilogy 1 + 2 + 3 includes the original three Infogrames’ online games , which were published between 1992 and 1994.

The very first installment remains the best in the series, which has you choosing to play because either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood. Taking clear inspiration from the stories of HP Lovecraft, Solely in the Dark takes us back to the 1920s to investigate the strange happenings in a estate in Louisiana . The house is full of mysteries and documents that reveal what happened – all of which you happen to be free to explore when you are not fighting off the supernatural apparitions that dog your every step.

In Alone in the Dark 2 once more follows the character of detective Edward Carnby. This time the action happens in a house located in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, where you must investigate the disappearance of a child . But nothing is as it appears and again strange presences create an unwelcome appearance.

Finally, Alone in the Dark 3. Here – once again in the role associated with detective Carnby – you look into the disappearance of a film crew in a ghost town known Slaughter Gulch that is located in the middle of the Mojave Wilderness. And yes, I know, they probably got what the deserved. But in a twist on the tale, the lacking crew include Emily Hartwood from the first game.

Difficult puzzles and an unsettling visual

The particular mechanics of all three Alone in the Darks combine hunt for the world with collecting clues and solving puzzles . It is also crucial that you hang onto every inventory item you find, as these can serve as makeshift weapons when you come across enemies.

The initial Alone in the Dark has a nonlinear path : investigate the house at your leisure and gradually reveal its mysteries (trying to not die to the many monsters). In contrast, although the maps are larger, both Alone in the Dark 2 and 3 have a much more linear and restricted route to completion.

What all three games share will be the great challenge posed by their puzzles and the unnerving style of each environment you visit. If you were born in the 21 st century, this saga’s images will not be as impressive as if you performed them back in the 90s. But they do remain chilling thanks to the eerie “Lovecraftian” visual and use of audio.

A classic we don’t mind duplicating

Solely in the Dark is a benchmark in horror games , so just for its historical importance it remains a series worth (re)playing. If you didn’t experience it the 1st time, don’t be put off by its went out with graphics, it is still an unnerving horror game filled with challenging puzzles.

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