AirDroid Desktop 3. 2 . 0-Manage your own Android using Mac

Airdroid is one of the greatest remote management program for Android mobile phones. The Desktop version doesn’t completely substitute the web interface, but it has more powerful features, such as remote control in real time.

Your phone incorporated in the system

How many times are you browsing online or working and need to pick up your phone? So you need to write on your phone’s screen while using a complete keyboard right in front of you.

That ends with AirDroid Desktop, which integrates into your computer your phone’s most important information, so you do not have to alternate between devices unless it’s completely necessary.

Specifically, AirDroid Desktop includes remote vision plus control of your phone’s screen instantly, with acceptable quality and lag. You can browse menus and use your mouse to control Android remotely .

Another interesting feature are the Desktop computer notifications. You no longer need to look at your cell phone every time you have a notification. They show up in a small floating screen , with the chance of replying for your SMS directly from there.

As if it were not enough, along with AirDroid you can also answer calls directly using headphones and the microphone of your equipment.

It’s like an add-on

Unless the web version of AirDroid, the Desktop version doesn’t have a complete interface . It integrates into the system along with floating windows, whether they are notifications or your phone’s screen remote control vision.

There are some sections, such as managing photographs , that are exclusive of the web version, so you’ll often find yourself using both systems at the time to take complete advantage of the system.

An ideal union

AirDroid is a nice merging of devices that will probably increase your efficiency. It’s not perfect, but it’s well made and it shows how Android must have been from the start, if it had desired a better integration with other systems.

Download AirDroid Desktop 3. 2 . 0 in Softonic

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