Sophisticated SystemCare Ultimate 8. 0. one 662-Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

IObit’s Sophisticated SystemCare Ultimate is a powerful marketing suite for Windows, and with the latest release comes a host of interesting, new utilities.

Over 30 utilities to optimize your PC

Sophisticated SystemCare Ultimate allows you to clean, maintain , and improve your PC’s performance.

Those people interested will find the Toolbox useful, which provides access to a wide range of utilities divided by category (Clean, Repair, Security, System Optimize, and Clean System), enabling you to maintain your machine and ensure top performance.

Among other things, you can defragment and optimize the hard disk, control drivers and processes, change the configurations of the OS, irreversibly destroy data files, run defrag in the registry, and find problems and vulnerabilities that can bargain the security of your PC.

Useful for most geeks is Sophisticated SystemCare widget Performance Monitor, which shows the percentage of CPU usage, RAM, hard disk and network traffic, and includes tools to free up RAM memory and catch screenshots.

The Recovery Center lets you create and control system restore points, while Turbo Boost is a feature that can speed up Home windows by disabling processes and providers unnecessary for specific functions.

Another upgrade for Ultimate from the other versions of Sophisticated SystemCare is the more robust anti virus module which utilizes the No . 1 ranked Bitdefender engine to protect your PC from network dangers, and the IObit Malware Jet fighter engine to intercept malware. In addition the Real-time Protector (which proactively protects against spyware) along with the Internet browser Anti-Tracking (which erases all traces of your web-navigation after you close your browser), and you can be certain of the safety of all your online experiences without having to bargain on speed.

Sophisticated SystemCare includes other utilities, for example the Program Deactivator , which disables unnecessary processes in the background, HomePage Protection, which stops unauthorized modification of the homepage as well as the search engine of your browser.
Android users can also enjoy the advantages of ManageMyMobile , which helps you clean, manage processes, plus remove malware from your smartphone (this requires the installation of Advanced MobileCare). ManageMyMobile also retrieves information about your gadget, lets you capture screenshots in real time, and it is capable of displaying photos, music, movies, contacts, and applications on your gadget.

Inside the suite, you’ll find two other well-known pieces of software: IObit Drive Booster, which keeps your drivers constantly updated to the latest version, and IObit Uninstaller, an advanced tool to uninstall software plus browser plug-ins.

Finally, the latest version of Advanced System Care includes, among other things, a new venture manager with a 1-click optimization function to automatically speed up the system boot, and Default Program , which allows you to set the default software for each category (browser, audio player, video player, picture viewer, PDF reader, and supervisor of compressed archives). Another new feature worth mentioning is a Plug-in/Toolbar Cleaner that protects against the potentially harmful results of some plug-ins.

Users of the free edition will also notice a number of other addition to Sophisticated SystemCare Ultimate 8, including equipment like Win Fix, Smart RAM, Internet Booster, Registry Cleaner, Hard drive Cleaner, and Ultimate TuneUp to find the best performance from your machine.

Everything at your fingertips

Advanced SystemCare has a cleaner, with a more streamlined appearance than previous editions. The package is very usable and the home display gives you quick access to all sections of the item: Care, Protect, Toolbox, Turbo Enhance, and Action Center.

The design is simple and elegant, and may be modified with a variety of skins to suit your taste. There are five offered by default in the suite, and you can replace the background with an image uploaded from the PC.

A handyman suite

If you’re looking for a suite that ensures security and offers optimization features for your PC, Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one remedy, recommended for complete care.

Download Advanced SystemCare Ultimate almost eight. 0. 1 . 662 in Softonic

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