Adobe Reader XI 11. 0. 09-The industry standard PDF reader

Adobe introduced the PDF format to the world via Adobe Reader and although there are numerous competitors now, it’s still the reference point for most PDF reading through software.

However , the development from simple reader to bloated PDF tool hasn’t been with out drawbacks. One result is that it has become so overloaded with plugins and extensions that it’s frequently criticized as being bloated and slow. Adobe have tried to address many of these speed issues and the memory footprint has been improved although there’s no doubt that many customers, especially on older Macs, will find it too slow still.

Of course , the main job of Adobe Reader is to open PDF files which it eventually does. When opened however , Adobe Reader has become the best tool out there for enabling you to navigate pages either manually or via search terms. The amount of preferences is totally mind boggling – Adobe Audience certainly can’t be criticized for insufficient customization options – and you can now upload files for sharing instantly at Acrobat. com.

However , for some reason there are many issues with 64-bit machines. One of them is that the PDF viewer plug-in is not compatible with Safari utilizing 64-bit mode. Another problem is it does tend to mess-up fonts in Word documents that have been converted to PDF FILE when opening them.

Adobe Reader is one of those applications that started off well great has many enemies, especially on Mac. However , it’s still a decent tool if all you want to do is watch PDFs and don’t mind hanging around to allow them to open.

Download Adobe Reader XI 11. 0. 09 in Softonic

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