Adblock Pro 3. 5 (Chrome)-Farewell to annoying ads on the Internet

Adblock Pro is a plugin that blocks and eliminates ads , banners and publicity while you browse the Internet with Google Chrome. It is effective and may be configured the way you want.

Say goodbye to ads on web web pages, portals and social networks

Adblock Pro removes ads from Facebook, YouTube, Google, Gmail and any other web page. To do this, it uses a system based on filter lists: you will find 13 available filters in total. Simply by defect, and if available, the plugin will use the specific filter for your language.

Adblock Pro enables you to create a white list, thanks to which you can enable specific ads and advertising sites. For the more advanced users it is also possible to create lists with personalized filters.

Good functionality

The particular Adblock Pro icon is set next to the address bar. One click on opens a menu, from which it is possible to:

  • De-activate ad blocking for that site you are visualizing
  • Create a new filter
  • Access the option menu (well-organized, intuitive and in Italian)

Throughout the test, Adblock Pro has eliminated ads, banners and publicity through web pages we have visualized. In Fb, for instance, it eliminates the advertisements on the side bar, while on YouTube this keeps ads from appearing upon videos. In short, it keeps the promises and does not bother you while you browse. Its only defect can be its use of RAM MEMORY , which is a bit hight.


Adblock Pro is a suggested plugin to avoid annoying ads while web browsing . You install it and it thinks of everything, keeping in mind that its default construction is already perfect!

Download Adblock Pro several. 5 (Chrome) in Softonic

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