Adblock Plus for Firefox 2 . 7-Make browsing more comfortable by getting rid of ads

Adblock Plus is a Opera add-on that allows you to block ads that appear on webpages .

As it’s for Firefox, Adblock Plus is really a small, discreet program that sits in the top right corner of the navigation bar. Clicking on the reddish icon will bring up a list of blockable items on the page, while a drop-down list reveals more functions and configuration options.

In order for Adblock Plus to work properly, you will need to pick an Adblock filter. There are extensive instructions for choosing the right one on the program’s website, so don’t worry too much about it. In case you’d prefer not to sign up to a list, you can choose the ads to block yourself.

Adblock Plus works by identifying the advertising on the web page and completely preventing it from appearing. There is a risk that Adblock Plus could accidentally obstruct something that isn’t actually advertising, although in our tests this didn’t take place.

Even if Adblock Plus does block a legitimate object, the site provides information about what to do – in fact , it provides information on just about every aspect of the program.

Viewing the internet with no ads is a very strange experience — you might even find yourself thinking that a number of your favorite pages are looking a little empty!

Fancy ad-free browsing? Then Adblock Plus is certainly for you.

Download Adblock Plus for Firefox 2 . 7 in Softonic

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