Adblock 3. 1 for Google Chrome-Block ads in Google Chrome

Adblock is a powerful ad-blocker extension with regard to Google Chrome browser to help block advertisements from interupting your browsing.

It was inspired by Adblock Plus for Firefox and functions many of the same tools for preventing ads. However , this project is not related to the latter. Adblock is incredibly effective and blocks just about everything including pre-video ads in YouTube. When it’s preventing ads, you’ll notice the Adblock logo glow red in your Chrome taskbar.

There are filter lists that you can add or delete sites from within the add-ons panel. You have to filter sites that you do need Adobe flash pop-ups to work on (such as Grooveshark) for example , in order for applications to operate properly while Adblock is working.

Adblock is an extremely powerful ad blocking tool that may make your pages look a little empty, but is certainly effective.

Download Adblock 3 or more. 1 for Google Chrome in Softonic

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