Ad-Aware Personal Security 11. 10-Ad-Aware movements into the big league of security suites

Most users will be acquainted with Ad-Aware , the anti-spyware app that’s been around for over a decade. In version 10, developers Lavasoft made the jump through anti-spyware to fully-fledged antivirus. In version 11, they’ve improved and tweaked it to produce a security package which they claim significantly outperforms other free anti-virus and anti-malware products.

Slick plus intuitive user interface

Ad-Aware Personal Security is based on Ad-Aware Free AntiVirus+ and looks expending simple, taking advantage of the streamlined appearance of Windows 8. Installation is usually fast although it does try to launch a scan upon start-up. You are able to skip this if you like and most likely presented with a clean interface that may be clearly divided into separate features along the left-hand side, namely Home, Scan Computer, RealTime Protections, Web Protection, Network Safety, App Management .

3 different types of tests

Ad-Aware offers lots of scan options, producing things very flexible for the consumer. There are 3 initial scan options, Quick, Full and Custom . The Custom choice is particularly nice, allowing you to completely customize the scan with easy checkbox inclusions. You can also schedule scans, a must-have option for a modern antivirus. Tests aren’t particularly quick, but can be paused if you find they are slowing-down your system too much. LavaSoft have beefed-up the ability of the anti-virus engine by introducing the award winning BitDefender to version 11 of AdAware.

Easy to manage plus Gaming Mode

The rest of Ad-Aware’s options are divided into two parts – the ones under Protection Settings (top right hands corner) and under Options . Under Protection Configurations, you’ll be able to tweak the real-time protection and browsing options, although Safe Browsing can only be enabled and disabled, and not customized. Under Ad-Aware’s Main Options, there are various configurations related to basic operation, updates plus an explanation of Video gaming Mode (although this can be quickly toggled in the main interface and from the task bar).

4 different versions available

Although Ad-Aware Personal Security is comprehensive plus powerful enough for most needs, there are actually 4 other versions of Ad-Aware available offering slightly different efficiency which something that users of Ad-Aware might find confusing under the settings under Advanced Protection.

They are different according to which version of Ad-Aware you are running. Ad-Aware 11 is available in four versions Ad-Aware Free, Pro Security and Private Security and Total Security .

In effect, they are the same yet more advanced features become available as you undertake the versions. This will annoy some users who would prefer a fully comprehensive free version but at least Ad-Aware doesn’t nag you to upgrade.

Total Protection beyond the NSA?

Is actually worth noting that Lavasoft declare that Ad-Aware Total Security also includes Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox which has been integrated partnership with Sweden’s renowned SafeIT Security (which Lavasoft claim may even protect you from the reaches of the NSA). For those in search of serious protection, it might be worth checking-out what Total Protection can offer.

A serious competitor to the big boys

In all, we’re impressed by Ad-Aware’s inclusion of BitDefender to the antivirus suite, and we’re looking forward to trying this over time and seeing what upcoming updates bring. Right now, it’s a solid app, with impressive detection prices, a slick Windows 8 modeled interface with all the basic options. This still doesn’t have the brand trust of competitors such as Avast! , Avira , and AVG but it’s today certainly an antivirus to be reckoned with.

Download Ad-Aware Personal Security 11. 10 in Softonic

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