Activity Monitor 10.4-Monitor all activity on remote computers

Being the boss may sound great: a well considered job position with a large income. But being a boss also involves less enjoyable tasks, such as monitoring your employees.

Fortunately there are software apps like Activity Monitor which make this unpleasant task much easier for you. With Activity Monitor you can fully control what your employees, kids or whoever needs to be monitored do with their computer.

Activity Monitor watches over everything, from visited webpages to active applications, including any text typed into any window. You can even see the remote computer’s screen in real time, run applications, open webpages and send messages to it.

Activity Monitor needs a client app to be installed on the computer you want to control, so make sure you do that when nobody’s watching. After that, the client app runs unnoticed in the background.

Activity Monitor is certainly one of the most complete monitoring applications I’ve ever seen. Its wide array of features and ease of use make it a great choice for your monitoring needs.

If you’d like to control what other people (employees, young kids) do with the computer when you’re not around, Activity Monitor features anything you need.

Download Activity Monitor 10.4 in Softonic

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