Activity! screen and game recorder 2 . 0. 7-Mirillis Action!: free video editing just got spectacular

Mirillis Activity! freeware has everything you could wish for in a live streaming and game recording app . Its in-game performance is among the greatest in its class and, at complete 1080 resolution, your images will be sharp and vibrant. An intuitive user interface lets you edit MP4s and Avis sur la question with ease.

HD-quality game recording and editing

Because winner of TopTenReviews’ gold prize, Action! gives you HD-quality videos at exceptional frame rates. Now you can customize your values, capture images, and get absolute control of your effects editing at higher resolutions. It records DirectX 12 games intuitively, converting movie into high bitrate MP4 plus AVI clips.

Today with live Facebook streaming and webcam insets , gaming has become more sociable than ever before. Hardware acceleration has been enhanced to offer better in-game performance on the top resolutions.

Action! exists for all Windows operating systems except 7. Whether you’re on Vista, Home windows 7, 8, or 10, the application form can be operated via hotkeys or maybe the interface, allowing you to immerse yourself in your game even while you’re recording. The pause and resume feature upon all gameplay and desktop recordings makes sure that you can easily access controls while you play.

Interface plus usability

With Mirillis Action!, you’ll never ever lose those classic gaming occasions again. As one of the most impressive recorders on the market, it gives you complete control over every aspect of editing and video capture.
Action! takes its software significantly. Stability improvements and interface enhancements are generally made on a monthly basis, and high quality features are constantly being rolled out to freeware users. Pause and resume recordings can be triggered with a hotkey, with audio, screenshot, and video recording all being offered. The Time-Shift function ensures that you never lose all those spectacular moments if you forget to strike ‘record. ’ The interface offers you the freedom to choose your frames per second settings and smooth out your frame rates.

Recording in over 60 frames per second gives you outstanding editing power with an array of effects for example slow motion, fall shadow, and audio commentary documenting . Full screen and active desktop modes put the control where it should be: In your hands.

Applications with a similar utility set tend to focus on speed, casting picture quality aside as less important. If you prefer your recorders within high definition, Mirillis Action! has you covered. Software of the same author finishes your video editing toolkit, supplying HD players with multiple TDT channels.

Your recording your way

The gameplay streaming and recording software market has, until now, not really been impressive enough for real videophiles. Action! has created an entirely new tier of games utilitygames power and performance, turning those single-player games into a sociable enterprise. Sleek, contemporary, and quick, the app will treat your favourite video gaming moments with as much care as you do.

Download Action! screen and game recorder 2 . 0. 7 in Softonic

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