Action! (Mirillis Action! ) 1. 30. 3. 0-Record videos of your games and upload them to YouTube

Action! (also known as Mirillis Action! ) is a video capture tool that lets you record and later upload your video to popular social networking and video sites.

If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to upload a video of a game you’re playing to sites like Facebook or YouTube, you’re in luck. Action! can do just that, and more.

With a sleek black interface, Action! is easy on the eyes and relatively impressive to work with. It’s not too difficult to use and runs pretty quickly, allowing you to record the games you’re playing and even take screenshots in JPG format. Once you’ve finished recording your video, Action! lets you upload directly to your Facebook or YouTube account.

To record video with Action!, all you need to do is select a capture mode. Your options are Game, Desktop and Fragment. Then choose the size of the video, frames per second and other optional settings like duration. The big red button on the main interface’s screen starts and stops the recording.

The video you’ve recorded in Action! appear in the interface’s left pane. From there you can export it with various size and quality options.

In addition to being easy to use, it also offers high speed compression at an impressive rate that’s similar to Fraps. The only real downside is that the trial version comes with a watermark across all of your videos.

Action! is an easy to use way to record videos or snap screenshots and export so you can share them online.

Download Action! (Mirillis Action! ) 1. 30. 3. 0 in Softonic

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