1Password 5. 4. 2-Excellent password supervisor for OS X

Keychain on Mac does a pretty good job of managing security passwords but once you’ve tried 1Password you’ll probably never look back again.

Remembers passwords and even strengthens all of them

At first glance, you may be concerned by the potential protection risks of having one program manage all your passwords, but the sheer number of users that rely on and compliment 1Password illustrates that you have little to consider.

If you’re tired of creating passwords to access sites or concerned that your passwords are not secure enough, 1Password really is invaluable. 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for you and remembers them all within your web browser.

1Password four features integration with 1Password Watchtower : a new free service that’s constantly updated with potential threats and allows you to protect accounts and sensitive data. 1Password Watchtower automatically detects weak, duplicated, and old passwords inside your password vault and will even instantly update them to keep you safe online.

Incredibly easy to setup

Using 1Password is very simple. On startup you have to configure one Master Password , which should be as tough as you possibly can. After that, 1Password detects when you are visiting sites that require passwords and stores them automatically.

You are able to set up time locks so that your Mac can be protected while you’re away from it and also synchronize it with your iOS devices (Android syncing is planned in the close to future).

An easy way to manage multiple passwords

1Password is a powerful and effective application to manage all your passwords in one place for both OS X and iOS.

Download 1Password 5. 4. 2 in Softonic

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